Alex Rawlings has been fascinated by languages and determined to learn as many as possible for as long as he can remember. He was born in London in 1991, where he grew up speaking English and Greek at home, studied German, French and Spanish at school, picked up Dutch, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Italian and Catalan on the side. He then studied Russian and German at Oxford University, and was named Britain’s Most Multilingual Student in 2012 after being tested for fluency in all those languages in a competition run by Harper Collins.

Since graduating in 2014, he went on to study many more, including tricky ones like Hungarian and Serbian. He has lived in five different countries, including Russia, Hungary, Germany and Spain, where he taught and studied languages, while organising conferences and workshops for language learners worldwide.

Alex returned to the UK in 2016, where he completed his first book “How To Speak Any Language Fluently“, which was published in June 2017. Since April 2017 he has been working as the Language Learner in Residence at UK-based startup Memrise, where he is heavily involved in the ideation of new learning modes and features, as well as editing the Memrise blog and featuring in content marketing videos.

Alex’s has also contributed to online and offline publications by the British Council, the European Commission, the Guardian, and the Evening Standard. He has also appeared in TV and Radio broadcasts around the world.

Alex travels the world speaking and learning new languages with his Hungarian dachshund, Zoli.