Alex is a citizen of the world. He was born and grew up in London, UK. As a child, he would spend long summers in Greece, visiting family and wondering why he couldn’t understand anyone. He quickly realised that if he could learn to speak other people’s languages, rather than waiting for them to speak English, life would be much more interesting.

After misspending his adolescence learning languages like Dutch, Catalan and Hebrew, in 2012 he was named Britain’s most multilingual student after being tested for fluency in 11 different languages. His studies of German and Russian at Oxford University led him to study in provincial Russia and work in the Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Berlin. After graduating, he packed his bags and took a one-way flight to Budapest, where he studied Hungarian for a year before living in Spain, returning to London in June 2016, where he published two books: “How To Speak Any Language Fluently” (Hachette, 2017), and “From Amourette to Żal: Bizarre and Beautiful Words from around Europe” (History Press, 2018).

He moved to Barcelona in November 2018.

Alex works as a writer and freelance journalist. He has written and contributed to online and offline publications by the BBC, British Council, European Commission, Guardian, Sky and Evening Standard amongst others. He has also appeared in TV and Radio broadcasts around the world.

Now having studied more than 15 languages, Alex spends his time writing about languages, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism. He lives in Barcelona, but you’ll also find him passing through Johannesburg, London, Athens, Budapest and Berlin, and other parts of the world.